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H2S2 Show: January 27th, 2018

This week’s High School Holla Boys Basketball Game Of The Week is between two Coaching Friends, that head two rival schools out of The Public League White-West Conference.

In “Diva Sports” we recap our Girls Basketball Game Of The Week from the first round of The Public League Girls Basketball City Playoffs.

We also look ahead to the next round of City Playoffs games in The Public League and we figure out who will advance to be one of eight teams to make it to compete as one of “The Queens Of The Quarterfinals”.

Plus recruiting news you can use from USA Today on how to catch college coaches attention through an email.

It’s all on the best show for high school sports The H2S2 Show !!! #GirlsPlayToo #ChicagoHighSchoolSports #H2S2Show #CPSGirlBBall #Westinghouse #LincolnPark #WellsRaiders #ClarckEagles

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